Instead of spending money on fertilizers packed full of questionable ingredients, get healthy soil the natural way! Plus, you’ll save time and money by simply collecting the ingredients right in your own kitchen. Find out how to add essential nutrients to your soil, like potassium and nitrogen.

Banana Peel

Banana peels add much needed potassium to your soil. Plants that suffer from a potassium deficiency may have brown or yellow leaf tips that are dry and curled. If this sounds like any of your plant, get them some banana peels asap!

Chicken Feathers

Chicken feathers are known to add nitrogen to your soil Any gardener knows just how important nitrogen is for healthy plants and healthy production!

Coffee Grounds

Have your coffee, and feed your plants too! Since nitrogen is so important for plant health, here is a second way for you to incorporate more into your soil. You’re welcome!

Egg Shells

Egg shells add calcium to your soil, and help to improve water penatration. Calcium is important for plant growth. Signs of calcium deficiency include stunted plant growth, and dried leaves in new and rapid plant growth.