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You Can Stay In A Giant Potato Airbnb In Idaho For $200 A Night

If you use Airbnb frequently, you realize that there are no two homes exactly the same. Even if they look similar, they will likely be run by different hosts and will have their own unique feel. That is why, regardless of your personal taste, you will find something on Airbnb to suit you. Perhaps it is this giant potato in Idaho that you can now rent.

Photo: Kristie Wolfe / Airbnb

You heard me right, there is a 6-ton fake potato near Boise, Idaho. When the Idaho Potato Commission was celebrating their 75th anniversary, the potato was created as a marketing prop. It didn’t stay in Idaho very long, it was put on the back of a semi-truck and driven around the country for six years to promote potatoes. When it finally came to rest in Idaho, it was reimagined as a rental property out in the country south of Boise.

Photo: Kristie Wolfe / Airbnb

The giant potato is on 400 acres of farmland and if you stay, you can expect sweeping views of the Owyhee Mountains. It may be unusual, but the Big Idaho Potato Hotel will actually accommodate 2 people, although it only has 33 ft.² of living space.

The potato was created out of plaster, concrete, and steel and when you look at it from the outside, it may not look like much. After having a look at the inside, however, you will find that it has a lot to offer. You can sleep in a queen-size bed, enjoy the small kitchen and seating area or build a fire in the large fireplace. The entire interior was made to be cozy with plenty of rugs, blankets, and accents of millennial pink and brass.

Photo: Kristie Wolfe / Airbnb

Christie Wolfe oversaw the transformation of the potato and she spoke to the Idaho Statesman, saying: “it’s designed for couples. I think there will be a lot of staycations and hopefully, it will be a thing like if your family is coming from out of town like ‘oh, you have to go and stay a night in the Big Idaho Potato Hotel’.”

Photo: Kristie Wolfe / Airbnb

You will pay about $192 per night plus service fees and taxes to stay in this giant potato. What could be better?

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