How To Use A Power Drill

It may seem obvious or basic, but knowing how your tools work is super important!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your own home tool kit, we all know the value of a good power drill. And it’s one thing to have it in your toolbox, but it’s quite another to know how to use it properly. Knowing the component parts and how they work will make your home improvement projects even more successful, sparing walls and other projects from damage, and help to prevent any personal injury as a result of improper use of a tool.

A power drill spares us the tedious work of manual tools, but in the hands of an untrained user, a power drill can cause potential damage to even the most simple of tasks. Rookie users of this power tool will benefit from learning key vocabulary associated with the drill: jaws, bits, chuck, trigger, variable speed, and drill rotation switch. A drill really is an essential part of any home toolkit. For more information on how to use a power drill, check out this video tutorial. Make home improvement projects much easier by knowing how each of your essential tools works. Happy drilling!