How To Travel With Healthy, Happy Feet

Don’t let an uncomfortable pair of shoes ruin your vacation!

They’re one of our most important body parts: our feet. Foot health is always important; part of proper foot care is making sure that what we wear and do on our feet has their best interest in mind. Proper support, shoe size, and socks, there are several factors to consider when taking care of our feet on a daily basis. Foot care is even more important when you’re on vacation; from the pool to the plane, what we wear on our feet can have a huge impact on the quality of our travels.

We’ve all worn the wrong pair of shoes from time to time, shoes that are ill-fitting or overused, and as a result, we’ve encountered major foot problems, like blisters, cramping, and general discomfort. Foot pain can affect more than just our feet; leg and lower back pain are consequences of improper foot care, and that can quickly ruin a vacation. Take care of your feet by following these simple rules.

How To Keep Your Feet Healthy While On Vacation

  • Choose comfortable shoes that are appropriate for your destination. Bring at least 2 pairs of walking shoes to prevent foot soreness and blisters. Your shoes should be sufficiently worn-in to prevent blistering and discomfort – translation: no new shoes! Think about support and function, as well as occasion, as at some places on your journey it might not be appropriate to wear running shoes.
  • Get the right shoe size. Feeling self-conscious about our shoe size does our feet no favors when we are going to be on our feet for long periods of time, like on a vacation. If you and your feet want to have a good time, wear shoes that are the right size.
  • Pack a pair of flip-flops, especially for places like locker rooms and pool decks. Fungus lurks in many different places, and the last thing you want to bring back from your vacation is a case of athlete’s foot. A pair of flip-flops can come in handy for airport security, where shoe removal is required.
  • Bring socks!Cotton socks will help wick away moisture and keep your feet dry, which is an important part of preventing blisters.
  • Pack a first aid kit and always wear sunscreen. It’s handy to have a first aid kit while you travel and keep in mind some items that your feet might need in order to stay healthy, like a pair of tweezers, band-aids, and antibiotic cream. If you’ll be wearing flip-flops outside, don’t forget to put sunscreen on the tops of your feet. This is a part of our bodies that don’t often see the sun, and the last thing you want to deal with on vacation is a pair of sunburnt feet!
  • Exercise your feet and stay hydrated. If you’ll be sitting for long periods of time, as on a plane or train, be sure to do a few foot exercises to prevent cramping and to keep your blood moving. Get up and walk or stand from time-to-time, and try some simple stretches, when possible and appropriate, like pointing and flexing your toes. After a long day on your feet, spend some time with your feet elevated to relieve pressure and swelling. Stay hydrated to keep your muscles from cramping, because a foot cramp is the worst!