How To Set Up An At-Home Composting System For Your Garden

Composting: The secret to a lush, healthy garden!

If you ask a handful of gardeners how they get their gardens so lush, we can bet most would let you in on their secret: composting.

Organic compost (made up of materials like leaves, twigs, fruits, and vegetables) turns into a rich, fertile soil that enriches our plants with nutrients and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers or sprays in our gardens.

If you’ve never composted before, don’t be scared as it is super easy to do at home! Not only will this help your garden, but it will keep all that waste out of landfills!

Composting requires three ingredients:

  1. Water
  2. Browns: dead leaves, branches, and twigs.
  3. Greens: Coffee grinds, fruit and veggie scraps, and grass clippings.

While you can compost inside, it does require more maintenance so we highly encourage taking the dirty work outside. Now grab a container and check out the video below for a step by step tutorial on setting up your at-home composting system!