We all start out crocheting in a similar way; that is, probably learning from a friend or family member. They showed us how to chain and make single crochets. We were happy with that for quite a while, and eventually, we branched out to learn the double crochet and the half double crochet. From here, we were content to look up stitches as we encountered them in different patterns. Or at least this is how I learned crocheting. I’ve never had much use for intricate diagrams that look intense and scary. But after watching this video, I’m fully convinced that diagrams are the way to go!

This 30-minute video is a great crash course in all things crochet. Learn symbols, abbreviations, diagrams in the round vs. diagrams in rows, and so much more! You’ll even learn a new trick: how to use a diagram to find errors in your crocheting! This video was so helpful for me, I am ready to conquer the world today! Or, at least the crocheting digram. Happy crocheting, friends!