The PROPER Way To Prune Your Basil Plant!

Read on to find out about true leaves and how often you need to prune your basil!

Basil is known for being easy to grow and maintain, but as with all plants, they do require some love every now and again. As we’ll learn in the video below, the three main reasons you should trim your basil plant are for over all health, to keep the leaves growing big and strong, and to maintain the best flavor in your leaves. Ungroomed basil plants tend to grow tall and spindly, and they produce small, weak flavored leaves. No one wants a weak basil leaf! Read on to find out the correct way to prune for maximum growth and flavor.

This video has such great information about finding the true leaves of your basil plant and how to find the central stem, which is the one you’ll prune! Did you know you should prune your basil plant every 1-2 weeks in the summer? I had no idea it needed to be pruned so often! Watch the video below to find out more basil facts and get some fun ideas on how to use up your basil in the kitchen.