A couple of our favorites come together for this cute quilt!

It’s cute, simple, and you can use your fabric scraps.

We will be honest for a second, usually when you hear us saying “hold your horses,” we are likely talking to our husband, children or grandchildren. (You are with us on this, right?)

Well today, we are saying “hold your horses” for an entirely different reason! It is because we are sewing a brand new quilt full of them!

This adorable Hold Your Horses quilt is great for so many reasons! It is cute, simple, and you can definitely use up some of your fabric scraps for it.

Mary from Quilty and Vanessa, aka the Crafty Gemini, team up to show us the steps necessary to make this adorable block.

We hope you will check it out below and then start gathering your fabric to make your very own! We can not wait to see how it turns out and who is going to be saying “hold your horses” next!