If you’re anything like us, you enjoy going to Hobby Lobby. Okay, enjoy may night be the right word… more like obsessed. Can you really blame us though? There’s something for everyone at Hobby Lobby – from scrapbooking essentials to fabrics and yarns, and of course all of the lovely home decor! It’s easy to walk into Hobby Lobby with the goal of grabbing a few skeins of yarn and then walk out with a bucket of yarn, a few picture frames, some jelly rolls, and an armful of paper products you just had to have. No judgment; we get it. Since not going to Hobby Lobby is obviously out of the question, we’ve compiled a list of genius ways to save money with every trip!

40% Off Coupon

You never have to pay full price at Hobby Lobby. Their 40% off coupon is good for any one item, and you can use it up to once a day. You can even use the coupon for items that are already on sale – so if something is only 20% off, you can ask the cashier to void the sale price, ring it up at full price, and then use your coupon. There are a few ways to get the coupon. You can go to their website and print it off, you can sign up for their email list and have the coupon in your inbox, or you can download the app to have a coupon with you at all times!