5 Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar (And The Research To Back Them Up)

I cannot wait to incorporate more apple cider vinegar into my diet!

Growing up, my mom used apple cider vinegar as a cleaning agent, so hearing that some people actually drink the stuff came as a great shock! Might as well chug Windex straight from the bottle, am I right? However, after doing some research, and trying out a really good iced tea recipe (I’ll share below), I can’t wait to incorporate more apple cider vinegar into my diet!

1. Weight loss, lower blood sugar, helps fight diabetes

One study shows that obese individuals who consumed just 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day reduced belly fat and waist circumference, lowered blood triglycerides and lost weight. Another study found that those with type 2 diabetes who ingested apple cider vinegar at bedtime were able to better control waking glucose levels.

2. Alleviate Allergies and Heal Infections

The main component of apple cider vinegar is acetic acid, and it has been shown to kill harmful pathogens, including bacteria. Historically, apple cider vinegar has been used to break up mucous and clean lymph nodes, both of which contribute to healthy sinuses!

3. Lower Cholesterol and Fight Heart disease

While there are yet to be any studies done on human subjects, the studies involving animals and vinegar consumption as it relates to blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart disease, are very intriguing. One study suggests that the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar significantly lowered blood pressure (a major risk factor in heart disease) when taken in small doses over extended periods of time. Another component of apple cider vinegar is chlorogenic acid, which has been shown to protect the heart from cholesterol oxidization – a crucial step in the heart disease process.

4. A Natural Food Preserver

Apple cider vinegar is also very useful when it comes to preserving food and protecting you against food borne illnesses such as E. coli and salmonella.

5. May Protect Against Cancer

I’m not saying that apple cider vinegar is the key or the cure for cancer by any means. There are, however, some interesting studies done on isolated cells that were shrunk or even killed when injected with vinegar. One observational case in China suggested a link between vinegar consumption and a decrease in esophageal cancer.

Berry Iced Tea Recipe

As promised, here is the delicious iced tea recipe I found via southernplate.com that got the whole thing started.

Ingredients: 2 Black Cherry Berry tea bags, 2 Tablespoons Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, Sweetener to taste (I used honey, but you can do sugar, splenda, etc.)

Instructions: In quart jar, steep two tea bags in a cup of hot water for fifteen minutes. Remove tea bags. Stir in sweetener and apple cider vinegar until sweetener is dissolved. Fill glass with ice and water until it reaches the top. Enjoy!