It’s no secret that we love knitting and crocheting around here! Crochet has been a popular craft since the 1800s, and knitting has been around for much longer – with some evidence pointing to a knitting loom as far back as 11th century Egypt! While these crafts used to be a necessity for making warm clothes and blankets to last through the cold winter months, nowadays we generally use them as a hobby. However, did you know that working with yarn is good for your health? That’s right! Check out these 10 surprising health benefits to your favorite hobbies – and convince a friend to join you in your next project. Afterall, it is good for their health!

Lowers Blood Pressure

Yup, knitting is a heart-healthy activity! When you get into the groove of a pattern and work at it for a few hours, don’t you feel more at ease? This sense of relaxation is so good for your health. Relaxation lowers the stress hormone cortisol, which can cause nasty health issues if you have too much.

Keeps Fingers Nimble

Since you’re in constant motion while knitting or crocheting, these activities are actually really helpful for keeping up mobility for those with arthritis or other kinds of joint pain. People who work with their hands for a living often turn to crochet or knitting as a way to keep up the strength in their hands.