Halloween Garage Door Decorations

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Get your house ready for Halloween with this super easy AND super spooky garage door craft. No need for a big haunted house! With a few simple supplies, we’ve found a way to transform the garage into a haunted hideout. All you need are a few pieces of paper and scissors for an instantly creepy outdoor decoration. Check out this video for a how-to guide to this Halloween decorating activity.


– Black cardstock

– Yellow cardstock

– Scissors

– White crayon for tracing

– Tape (double sided and regular)

– Orange scrapbook paper

– Painter’s tape


– Trace forearm and hand onto black cardstock.

– Cut out forearm and flip for opposite hand.

– Trace shoe form, cut out and flip for opposite shoe.

– With orange scrapbook paper, draw out flames.

– Tape hands and flames to yellow cardstock.

– Tape hands to the back of a garage door window, filling in remaining space with yellow cardstock.

– Apply shoe-tracings with painter’s tape on outside of garage door.

– Decorate outside of garage door with additional spooky decorations.

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