We’re here today with a new video from See Jane Drill. In this video, Jane shows us the one joint every woodworker should know! Sure, there are many kinds of joints, and many ways to reinforce those joints. Simply put, a joint is just two pieces of wood that need to join together.

You can use fasteners to join wood – like wooden dowels, pocket screws, or biscuits, or, you can use the wood itself and the way it’s cut to reinforce the joint. Some common joints that use the cut of the wood are dovetails and finger joints. Today, we’re going to learn how to do a lap joint.

Jane walks us through every step of the way for completing this lap joint. For starters, you’ll need to mark out the center of your wood. Then, it’s a matter of marking off the area you need to cut. You can use a circular saw, or a handsaw to cut out the piece marked off.

To get out the excess wood, make narrow cuts with your saw, and then knock them over with a hammer. Clean the area up using a chisel. From there, simply fit your two pieces together! See how Jane does it in the video below!