Strangely Useful Hairspray Hacks

There are so many creative ways to use this common household product around the house!

Hairspray. It isn’t just for hair anymore! There are so many creative and surprisingly useful ways to use this common household product around the house. From removing stains to preserving artwork, you’ll be grabbing a few extra bottles next time you’re at the store!

Threading A Needle

This is such a useful tip for those of us who sew! There’s nothing quite as frustrating as being unable to thread a needle. Sure, there are needle threadrs available, but sometimes you misplace them or happen to be sewing something at a friend or relative’s house. They might not have a needle threader, but chances are, they have hairspray!

Remove Ink Stains

Weird, but true! Hairspray and a little dab with a wet washcloth can get ink off of fabric! This can be such a great tip that will surely save a few pieces of clothing!

Removing Pet Hair

If you own pets, you’re always looking for ways to remove pet hair from just about eery surface in your house. Sometimes the lint roller just doesn’t cut it! In that case, try out this hack. Spray a pair of dish gloves with hairspray and swipe the pet hair away! It’s surprisingly effective.

Quick-Drying Nail Polish

Like watching a pot of water to boil, waiting for your nail polish to dry can feel like an eternity. Not with this simple hack! Just spray your nails with hairspray and your nail polish will dry in a fraction of the time!

Preserve Artwork

Do you have a precious drawing from the kids or some worn out recipe cards? Preserve them with a layer of hairspray! This protects the surface and seals the medium on the paper.

Preserve Flowers

If you’re into drying flowers, you’ll love this next hack! Spray your flowers with hairspray to ensure they dry with the most color as possible.

Watch the video below for even more hairspray hacks!

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