9 Weird Habits of Writers: How Many Do YOU Have?

No one really gets us. We are our own special brand of crazy.

Jenna Moreci, author of “EVE: The Awakening,” has no trouble telling it like it is: writers be crazy. We’re a special kind of crazy though; the kind that is somewhat self-aware, but just too busy creating works of art with our words to care what society thinks about us (until it’s time to publish the manuscript, of course). The habits Jenna describe go beyond the introverted writer archetype and paint a twisted, albeit hilarious, picture of what it really means to be a writer. For example, “When you’re in the thick of it, pretty much all personal hygiene becomes optional… Eventually you’ll take a few hours out of your precious writing time to deep clean, but you somehow end up in the same place three days later.”

You may not be able to relate to all of these, but most of them are spot on! Warning: there is some strong language in this video. Totally worth it.

Did Jenna miss anything? What are other weird habits you have as a writer? Share in the comments below!