Twitter Gets Misty-Eyed Over Pictures Of Grandma Matching Outfits To Her Garden.

The Los Angeles-based woman noticed her grandmother’s adorable habit of matching outfits.

The older you get, the more you appreciate the people who’ve loved you the longest.

Grandparents hold a special place in our hearts. If you’re lucky enough to have a grandmother or grandfather in your life, chances are you get a little bit misty when you think of them. Their steady, loving influence is a comfort no matter how hectic life may get.

We were reminded about how much we cherish our grandparents when a Twitter user called Makulit recently shared a few photos of her own grandmother. The Los Angeles-based woman noticed that her grandmother has an adorable habit: she often matches her outfits with whatever flowers happen to be blooming in her garden that day.

Uploading four images of her stylish grandmother modeling pink, purple, red, and blue outfits, Makulit captioned the tweet “my grandma matching with the flowers in her garden.” One glance at this sweet lady tells us that matching her plants was no accident — she definitely intended to coordinate with the blooms!

There’s something so wholesome about this grandmother’s style choices! Not only is she paying close attention to the natural world around her, reveling in the time-honored tradition of gardening in her senior years, but she looks so cute and put-together that it makes us smile.

Many Twitter users agreed that Makulit’s granny is adorable, inspiring a flurry of photo replies to the thread. Many people wanted to share pictures of their own beloved grandparents, many of whom were equally color-coordinated.

“Just like my grandma! They’re so cute!” replied a Twitter user named Jenna, sharing a picture of her grandmother peeking out from behind two bunches of flowers. “My cute grandma is the same way!!” wrote Brenda.

It wasn’t just the grandmothers who got the Twitter love, though! User Katriel shared a picture of his grandfather looking very suave in his backyard, writing, “God bless these legends. Especially this dude right here.”

We don’t know about you, but all of these pictures are making us miss our grandparents! If yours are still in your life, be grateful — and maybe give them a call or pay them a visit to let them know you love them.