Gardening Tutorial: How to Grow Zucchini

Gardening Tutorial: How to Grow Zucchini

As summer crops go, zucchini is a tried and true favorite. One of the reasons why it’s so popular is that it produces in abundance. This summer squash will give you an ongoing supply of fresh zucchini straight through the peak of summer. Planting now ensures a steady harvest this July & August!

Given that you’ll have a whole lot of zucchini on your hands, you’ll be free to experiment with it in the kitchen. Make no mistake: this is one versatile squash. Zucchini is as delicious when baked into pancakes and bread as it is cooked into a casserole. You’ll be churning out yummy zucchini-inspired recipes all summer long!

Here’s what you need to know about growing zucchini in your own garden:

1. Plant when the soil has warmed up! Sixty degrees Fahrenheit and above is key. Anytime from a week after the last frost date through June should be fine.

2. The right soil makes all the difference. Zucchini thrive when it’s well-drained and fertile. Try amending the soil ahead of time with plenty of compost.

3. Give them lots of room. You’ll need a pretty big patch of land to allow for growth. Plants should be spaced about 4 feet apart, with rows 8-12 feet apart. If your garden can’t accommodate such a large plot of land for zucchini, install a trellis to encourage vertical growth.

4. Water generously! Soil should always remain moist. Take care to water from below, as this can help prevent disease.

5. Fertilize. About 2 weeks after seedlings appear, spray on fertilizer. Once flowers show up, spray again.

6. Harvest when the zucchini are relatively small. The smaller the zucchini, the more intense the flavor! About 3-4 inches wide and 5 inches long is ideal. Your zucchini will keep fresh for a week when stored in the fridge.