Gardening Myths That Get In Our Way

Sometimes you have to break the rules in order to yield your best garden.

The more fertilizer you use, the better your plants will grow.

Egg shells discourage slugs.

Crocks in pots improve drainage.

Never water in the middle of the day.

What are some old wives tales about gardening that you still follow? Gardening has hundreds of years of history, philosophy, and implementation and as a result is not free from a certain mythology or lore when it comes to yielding a successful crop. Some of these myths and tales are still useful, others are not. When it comes to best gardening practices, sometimes the old rules need to be broken.

How do you approach gardening? Have you gathered a small library’s worth of books? Done online research? Or do you simply rely on your gut to sow and reap your best harvest? There are hundreds of philosophies and methods best practices when it comes to gardening, so many that it can be easily overwhelming or unyielding in terms of creating a garden that truly works. In this video, gardener and author of Gardening Myths and Misconceptions, Charles Dowding asks us to begin to reflect on what is myth and what is not, to trust our own gut and not necessarily that of a professional, or what may have been hundreds of years of gardening practice. Keep things simple, because sometimes a quicker, even cheaper option is the best way to approach your garden. For more insight, particularly on compost, check out this video by Charles Dowding on how to shake up tips, advice, and outdated gardening methods for a simpler approach to a bumper crop.