In East Rutherford New Jersey, along the highway on the morning of December 13th, folks scrambled out of the their cars in order to grab some free floating cash. While it may have seemed like a boon, the loose bills actually caused several accidents as drivers parked their cars and picked up the Benjamins alongside busy traffic.

In a video from NBC, taken by passengers going the opposite direction with a clear view of the scene, you can also clearly see a Brinks truck parked along the side of the road and a man in a Brinks uniform attempting to pick up the money before it flew away. Apparently the Brinks truck back doors suffered a malfunction which led to sums of money leaking out the back! The cash is now considered mislaid property and the bystanders who took the money have been encouraged to give it back. Authorities say that there will be no charges filed against anyone who willingly comes forward to return the cash.

Have a look at the chaotic highway scene in the video below.