A Deeper Look Into The Most Personal Writing Accessory Around!

This is a must-see for anyone who still writes longhand.

Fountain pens are something that every writer must try at some point in their life. Not only does it give your words the elegance associated with the past, but it also changes the way you write. Fountain pens use a wetter ink than ball point pens do to avoid clogging the inner-workings of the pen’s barrel. This makes writing a more refined process. You have to take your time when you write, which allows writers to think longer on the sentences that they create. Many people even say that it improves their penmanship!

Many people think that fountain pens are an outdated technology, but for some, it’s their livelihood. Richard Binder is one of those people and the way he talks about fountain pens will make you swoon. Check out his interview with National Geographic. It’s a must see for anyone who still writes longhand!

Do you have a fountain pen of your own?

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