These Folded Fabric Flowers Are A Great Addition To Any Quilt Or Project!

They really give your quilt another dimension of texture and depth (and they look great on more than just quilts too, as you’ll see in the video below).

If you have been looking for something cute to embellish your quilts, then we have just the project for you today!

These folded fabric flowers are super adorable, and they could not be any simpler to make too!

These flowers really give your quilt another dimension of texture and depth. As much as we love them for quilts, they are perfect for embellishing other projects too; we are especially thinking of bags, spring or summer time door wreaths, pillows, or anything else you may come up with!

Check out the following tutorial from Angie’s Bits And Pieces, and we are sure that you will be adding these adorable little embellishments to all of your projects in no time!

Once you get the hang of it, leave us a comment and let us know all of the ways in which you’re using these flowers on various projects around the house.