The Amount Of Time You Save With This Folding Trick Is Insane!!

Good news, everyone, quilting just got easier…save time with this awesome trick!

We love the whole process of making a quilt from start to finish but I think we can all agree that there is a lot of prep work that goes into these beautiful projects! Depending on the project, it can seem like you spend more time doing the prep work than actually sewing the whole thing together.

So if you ask us, anything that allows us to cut a few corners and make that whole process of quilting prep go a little faster is just fine with us!

We are always looking to our quilting mentors to get new tips that may make this process (or really the whole quilting process) a bit easier and more manageable and we think this tip from the National Quilters Circle is one of the best we have heard!

Check out the video below and know that your quilt prep is about to get a whole lot easier!