Easy, Comfy Pet Bed DIY!

This pet bed is the perfect craft for every pet owner!

This pet bed is the perfect craft for every pet owner. Not only is it easy and adorable, it’s also made of fleece, so removing pet hair is easy! The dimensions given in this tutorial are for a small dog, or any size cat. For a bigger dog, simply measure a bigger area, and add 3 inches to the top and side to accommodate for the ties. Check out the easy tutorial below!

For the best pet hair removal trick, check out these six methods!


– 2 kinds of fleece

– Scissors

– Ruler / measuring tape

– Masking tape

– Marker


Cut a 21 x 21 inch square out of the each kind of fleece. Tip: Use the masking tape to mark the shape of the square.

Place masking tape 2 inches away from all of the edges of both squares.

Mark the inches on the tape.

Cut out corners.

Cut the ties by cutting to each one inch mark on the tape. You should have 20 ties on each side.

Remove the tape, and place one square on top of the other, matching up the ties, and making sure the right side of the fleece is out.

Tie each pair into knots.