The Easiest Way To Flatten A Live Edge Slab

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Have you ever worked with a live edge slab before? They are in high demand these days! A lot of people want live edge table tops with a simple geometric metal base. These tables go for anywhere between $600 and $4,000+ depending on size, type of wood, etc. This makes sense, as the actual materials for this project can be quite pricey. But, if you’re in the market to make some upscale furniture at a high selling price, this is the project for you! Find out how to work with this kind of wood and get some great tips in the video below.

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One of the hardest parts of working with a live edge slab is that it’s often buckled or uneven. Unlike pre-cut lumber, live edge slabs are a little less exact, and hardly ever flat. You might need to sand down lumber, but when working with a slab like this you need to take a more methodical approach. Watch the video below and see the process this craftsman uses to flatten a live edge slab. He builds a rig out of scrap MDF board for under $30, and the results are amazing!

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