How adorable are these little butterflies?! We’ve seen finger knitting used on scarves, hats, and even a teapot cozy, but never for something so tiny and precious before! I bet the kiddos would absolutely love to get in on this craft project. What a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon! You can use these butterflies in pictures, sew them on a blanket or purse, or keep them in a mason jar as an adorable bedside pet.

In the video below, we get a quick overview of the basics on how to finger knit, but it mainly goes over the technique to bring it all together at the end. For a more in-depth look at finger knitting, check out Crafty House’s very own finger knitting tutorial. We made fun scarves, but the principle is the same! See how this cute little project comes together in the video below, and let us know all the creative ways you find to use these cute butterflies!