Ten Writing Rules From Famous Writers

Stay inspired in your writing with these rules.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that at least for most of us, we write because we love the craft. We love when we open a new word document or page in our notebooks and just get lost within the characters, the story and the words. We love when the inspiration not only hits us hard but travels through our body like the blood in our veins. The words flow freely and we don’t have to stop to think twice about it.

We love those moments, but as writers we also know that’s not always how things actually go down. More often than not we find ourselves staring at a blinking cursor on an empty page feeling like words are a completely foreign concept and far outside of our reach.

If that resonates with you at all, then you’re going to love this video from Kim at Lyra Communications as she shares ten writing rules from famous writers that are sure to keep your writing inspired and your love of the craft intact.