Wrap Mason Jars With Leaves, Glue, And Saran Wrap And Get…

This is my kind of craft: minimum effort, maximum results!

This is my kind of craft: minimum effort, maximum results! With just a mason jar, some silk leaves, and a glob of glue all wrapped in saran wrap, you can get these adorable fall luminaries! They make for great candle holders, or you could fill with coffee beans or corn and stick flowers in them… the sky really is the limit here. All I know is that this took me about 30 minutes, minus the dry time, and I’m absolutely loving the finished product. For an extra layer of protection and preservative, you can spray on a layer of Krylon gloss spray, but these should hold up just fine once the glue is dry. I can’t wait to set these on my mantel at home!


– Mason jars

– Fake maple leaves

– Mod podge

– Saran wrap

– Krylon Glaze


1. Paint maple leaves with mod podge and attach to a mason jar, overlapping as you go.

2. Once mason jar is covered, wrap in saran wrap to help flatten leaves.

3. Let dry with saran wrap for 2-4 hours, take saran wrap off and let dry an additional 24 hours.

4. Once dry, cover in a layer of Krylon glaze to preserve the leaves and jar. Fill with tea lights, decorate with ribbon, and enjoy your new, festive candle holder!