These 16 Must-See Fairy Gardens Create Magic In Tiny Spaces

Nymphs, gnomes, and fairies of all kinds can bring good luck to your home – let these 16 magical ideas inspire your own unique garden designs!

5. Include Some Miniature Patio Furniture

Even fairies love roasting s’mores over their personal firepit! Adding a few hanging planters and white flower accents make this adorable garden as realistic as it is imaginative.

6. Make A Fairy’s Dream Home In An Old Teacup

Tiny mushrooms, flowers, and even a white picket fence make this already gorgeous old teacup even more extraordinary. I can’t wait to create a teacup garden of my own (and maybe even a matching teapot?!)

7. Tiny Accessories Can Make A Huge Difference

p>This fairy’s home is so popular, she always has houseguests (the baby hedgehogs are my favorite!) Set up a table with tea for three and see what critters show up to keep your fairy company.

8. Love Fishing? Your Fairy Might, Too!

Set up a tiny duck pond where he can while away the hours. Don’t forget to include a cute little pup – after all, dogs are a fairy’s best friend!