Fabric Rose Throw Pillow

Don’t waste money on pillows in stores… make your own for a fraction of the cost!

We’re always on the lookout for cute and affordable throw pillows. It’s just ridiculous how some of these things are priced nowadays! $40 for one pillow? Not to mention we’ll need the matching set and probably a few other accent pillows as well. Before long, you’re looking at spending several hundred dollars for pillows alone!

Not anymore. Today’s tutorial is all about making a chic fabric rose throw pillow. We can all agree this pillow is totally adorable! The best part is, it’s actually really easy to do. This project might take a little time, but for the price of a pillow insert (you can usually find two for $10) and some fabric, you’ll have the cutest pillows around for a fraction of what you’ll find in stores!

To make the magic happen, you’ll start by cutting one-inch strips from your fabric of choice. The strips should be between 24 and 48 inches long. You can switch up the lengths to have some bigger flowers and some smaller flowers. Start making the rose by knotting one end of the fabric strip. Glue down the loose end to hold the knot in place. Then, start wrapping the fabric around the knot, making sure to fold the strip in half and twist as you go. Place a dot of hot glue every couple of twists to hold everything in place. Alternatively, you could wrap the whole rose and then run a few stitches through the finished product. This would be a more secure way to hold the rose together if you wanted the option to wash the pillowcase. However, we were fine using the hot glue!

Once the rose is complete, just glue it onto the pillowcase! It might take a little time to twist all of the roses – you’ll need between 30 & 50, depending on the size and how much of the pillow you want to cover. So go ahead and pop in your favorite movie and get to making fabric roses. You’ll be done in no time! Watch our tutorial video below for the complete instructions on making the fabric rose.