We all know somebody who makes food so delicious we consider it to be an art form. It doesn’t matter if it is delicious or not, however, when you look at the creations from cake artist Leslie Vigil you will be downright amazed. After all, she creates cakes that look like embroidered dresses!


Vigil spoke to Better Homes & Gardens in an interview where she said: “Baking began as a hobby when I was young. My mom would often experiment in the kitchen and she took a cake-decorating class. I was so fascinated with all the beautiful things she made and brought home, so I decided to join her. I’d study her cake decorating books and feel so inspired. At the time, I only knew I wanted to make cakes for my kids like that one day, never really considering I could make a profession out of it. I always hoped I could, though.”

She went to Le Cordon Bleu, a prestigious French cooking school and after completing it, she began building her business. You can see some of her embroidered cakes below: