How To Make Elderberry Popsicles For Cold And Flu Season

Jill Mills shares her recipe for Elderberry Popsicles on her website to help prevent colds and flu this winter.

Who says that ice cream and popsicles are only for summer months? With cold and flu season in full swing, there is a fresh new immunity booster that sounds like it’s a lot of fun: elderberry ice pops!

These aren’t just yummy treats, there is some science to back it up too! Cleveland Clinic released several studies which showed how the antioxidant-rich elderberry may actually help to prevent colds and flus, as well as could even shorten the affliction time of viral illnesses.

Photo: Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

There are plenty of elderberry supplements available, but let’s be real, elderberry popsicles sound way more fun! The recipe for elderberry popsicles comes from Jill Mills with Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons, and helps turn the antioxidant fruit into a kid-approved treat they’re guaranteed to eat.

Of course, the star of the show is the elderberry syrup that goes into the process. Mills herself has stated that her whole family experienced “great success” staying healthy over the winter months – all thanks to elderberry. If you’re searching for the magical cure this season, you’ll be happy to know that the syrup is readily available. You can purchase it pre-made at most health food stores. Or, online through Amazon if you don’t feel like going out in public. The nice thing about elderberry syrup is that it’s not extravagantly priced.

Besides the immunity-boosting elderberry, Mills’ recipe also incorporates other wonderful flavors like the vitamin-C-rich orange juice, as well as grape juice. A little honey is added as well – and that’s great for soothing any sore throats. Mills prefers to use the raw, unpasteurized honey, although there isn’t much of a nutritional difference between raw or commercially processed honey.

However, it is important to keep honey away from infants who are less than a year old.

Once all your ingredients are gathered, you can commence assembling the popsicles. They’re quite simple to make, and the easy recipe can be found by clicking here.

If you are feeling extra confident in the kitchen, you can even ditch the ready-made elderberry syrup and try making your own from dried elderberries – which can also be purchased on Amazon. The Daring Gourmet has its own recipe for elderberry syrup, and it sounds delicious enough to add to everything. It incorporates cinnamon, clove, ginger, and honey to spice up the elderberry flavor.

Honestly, to me that sounds like a great syrup recipe to dribble over some pancakes or waffles or on top of some plain vanilla ice cream.

Regardless of how you want to take your elderberry this winter, there is one thing for sure – elderberry sounds like a great superfood to keep you healthy until spring.