Easy Textured Wall Technique

Do your walls need some TLC? Try this easy technique!

Whether you’re working on a fixer-upper or just in the mood to change up a room in your house, this DIY texture technique is perfect for you! After buying a fixer-upper and peeling away the many (many) layers of wallpaper, this homeowner knew the walls needed a complete makeover.

So, she started by filling in holes in the drywall. Once that dried, she sanded down all of the walls so there were no rough or uneven patches. Next step: you guessed it, primer.

Once the primer was painted on and dried, she got to work making the textured mix. In this case, it was a mix of joint compound and water. She says for the purposes of this project, you’ll want to mix the joint compound with enough water to give the consistency of cake batter. Then, grab your favorite textured roller and go to town!

See the full technique for painting with joint compound in the video below.