This Is The Easiest DIY Composter I’ve Ever Seen!

Have you considered building your own composter before, only to find it’s a lot more costly and complicated than you originally thought? Fear not! This easy and accessable tutorial shows us just how simple building a composter can be. All you need is a Rubbermaid container (or any thick plastic container), a drill, and kitchen scraps to compost! As you’ll see, the key to composting correctly is in the layers. The bottom layer should be “brown material,” like twigs and dried leaves. The next layer should be “green material,” like any fresh compostable food, or fresh grass clippings. This should be followed by a layer of dirt, to keep everything from smelling. Each time you add a new green layer to the compost, throw on a scoop of dirt, and mix well. That’s it! Pretty simple, huh? Watch the video below for more helpful tips on getting started.

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