This Quick Project Helps ALL Of Us Avoid A Common Frustration!

You’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t do this sooner!

If you are like me, you bring your headphones with you everywhere, but that does not always mean you are always using them, but of course it’s nice to have them on hand. So what happens when you put them in your purse, backpack or pocket? They turn into a totally tangled mess, right?!

That is exactly why we love this project from Rob at Man Sewing. In the following video tutorial, he shows us a quick and simple way to make our own earbud holder, complete with snaps! It is absolutely genius!

I will be making these, not only for myself but pretty sure every single person I know will be getting one as a gift this year; this is an absolute must make if you ask me!

Check it out and give it a try…you definitely will not be sorry you did!