Dutch Village Without Roads Is The Perfect Setting For A Fairy Tale.

Fairy tales may be works of fiction, but fairy tale settings definitely exist.

Fairy tales may be works of fiction, but fairy tale settings definitely exist.

Welcome to Giethoorn, a magical village in northern Holland so breathtaking that some have a hard time believing it’s real. While the small town has no roads or cars, there are plenty of boats!

Giethoorn’s most prominent feature is its network of canals. These serve as the town’s roads, earning it the nickname of “Dutch Venice.” Residents get around via boat or bicycle, and if they have cars, they have to park them outside of the village. Wooden bridges connect homes and businesses, but some houses can only be reached through the water paths. That’s why postal workers have to deliver mail by boat.

The second thing visitors notice is the quiet. With a population of just 2,600 and the absence of noisy engines, the village is what many call a serene oasis.

“Here in Holland’s water village of Giethoorn the loudest sound you can normally hear is the quacking of a duck or the noise made by other birds,” reads the village’s website.

But that isn’t to say the town’s not a popular destination. In fact, it’s become quite the tourist attraction, offering cozy stays at bed and breakfasts, delicious meals at waterside restaurants, and canal cruises on “whisper boats” with electric engines.

Pair all that with gorgeous views and Giethoorn is the perfect spot for a vacation. Would you go if you had the chance?

Talk about picturesque! Visiting Giethoorn is clearly worthy of any person’s bucket list. We only have one question: when can we book the next flight to the Netherlands?

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