We’ve probably all sold a few personal items to make some extra cash, or to make room for a new piece of furniture. Likewise, we’ve probably all wandered around a garage sale or yard sale to find something for far less than it would be in stores. Sometimes you might not even know what you’re looking for until you see it. These are great places to find hidden treasures… literally!

Estate sales are similar to garage sales in that oftentimes furniture and other personal belongings are on sale for low prices. The main difference is that with estate sales, the person or family is selling off all the items in a home that belonged to a relative who passed away. These items are usually sold in bundles, and they need to be sold quickly. This can be a great opportunity to find various items that are worth far more than expected.

That is exactly what happened to Emil when he went to an estate sale in Missouri City. Emil purchased a dresser that seemed relatively nondescript and functional. This dresser was an antique, but the treasure it held was so much more valuable than the outside detail.

The dresser that grabbed Emil’s attention dated back to the 1800s. The first day of the estate sal, the dresser was listed at $300, but it had gone down to $100 by the time Emil purchased it. The experts who were running this estate sale didn’t know what this dresser was actually worth and once he loaded it into his truck, a terrible racket was heard coming from the inside…

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