DIY Wooden Sunglasses

Woodworking 101 really does pay off!

Woodworking is a great way to show off creative chops, with projects as simple as a work bench to more complex jewelry boxes and more. Now here’s a project that you might not have thought of before: sunglasses. When it comes to sunglasses, everyone has their own sense of style, and eyewear is one way to show off a little personality. All of us have a pair (or more) of sunglasses, probably nothing too fancy or expensive, but nonetheless something that we think suits both style and function. How cool would it be if we could custom design our own pair?

Now this is just about the coolest DIY we’ve seen: homemade wooden sunglass frames. We love this craft for both how clever and stylish it turns out! It’s fun to watch what a little creativity, combined with patience and clear woodworking skills, can come up with – in this case, a custom made pair of wooden sunglasses. Alex Harris, in his video series “ThisWoodwork,” offers an excellent tutorial, and showcases his legitimate woodworking ability. This is a great project for a creative person with access to the right tools and with sufficient woodworking abilities. We hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as we did!