9 Easy DIY Beach Towel Upgrades (Stylish Dog Not Included!)


We LOVE unwinding on the beach, but after hours of laying in the sand we were inspired to find a better way to be comfortable, stylish, and relaxed in the sunshine. We took to Pinterest for the answer and were astonished with the amazing ideas of the community – so we compiled a list of our favorites! After all, what are vacations for?

If you’re going to spend hours on the beach, why not pass the time comfortably?

1. A pillow INSIDE a towel is the most genius idea of all time.

2. Adding a handle for easy carrying? Totally inspired!


4. No sewing required – cue the happy dance!

We know what you’re thinking. “I’m adding a pillow to my beach towel for sure – but what if I want to personalize it, too?” Check out the next page for some great ideas!

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