Festive Fall Fun: DIY Leaf Bowl

Add this gorgeous bowl to your fall decor this year!

Add this gorgeous bowl to your fall decor this year! All you need is an object to mould the leaves around, some saran wrap and mod podge, and a handful of fake fall leaves. This craft can get a little messy with the mod podge, so make sure to cover your workspace with some old newspapers. After applying several layers of leaves and mod podge, just wait for everything to dry! As you’ll see in the video below, it helps to wrap a layer of saran wrap OVER the the leaves, at least for a few hours, to make sure the leaves stay flat and in the shape you want the final product to be. You can leave the saran wrap on, but it will take quite a bit longer for everything to dry, since there is virtually no air flow. We took the top layer of saran wrap off of the leaves after about 8 hours, and then left the bowl to dry in the open for the an additional 24 hours. Once everything is dry, we suggest a thin layer of Krylon glaze as a sealant if you want to continue to use this decor year after year. Otherwise, just the mod podge should hold together for the season! Go ahead and see what we did below, and get inspired to make your own leaf bowl! You could totally make a set of these for the mantle.


– Artificial leaves

– Plastic bowl

– Mod podge

– Krylon Glaze

– Plastic wrap


1. Cover bowl in plastic wrap.

2. Paint Mod Podge onto a leaf, and press leaf on to bowl. Repeat with other leaves, overlapping as you go. Make several leaf layers.

3. When done layering leaves, smooth out another layer of plastic wrap, to help the leaves dry flat. Leave the plastic wrap on for about 8 hours, then remove and let glue dry completely.

4. When leaves are dry, spray a layer of Krylon glaze over the bowl. This helps smooth over rough spots left by mod podge, and gives the leaves an extra protective layer.

5. When glaze is dry, carefully take leaves and plastic wrap off the bowl. Peel back plastic wrap from the inside of the bowl. Fill with candies or potpourri for a festive decoration!