The Most Worthwhile DIY Project EVER.

We all know being a teenager is tough, and being a hospitalized teen is even tougher. That’s why Ward+Robes is looking for designers like YOU to create even more hospital gowns for teens!

Wearing a hospital gown can be dehumanizing, impersonal, and a constant reminder that you’re in, well, a hospital. Every patient is much more than just their illness – we’re all special human beings and we all deserve to express ourselves accordingly. As Starlight Children’s Foundation says, “It’s time to give hospitalized teens a chance to be themselves.” Their concept is simple. Each person is unique, so why shouldn’t their gowns be as well?

They’re giving the gowns away for free to hospitalized teens, and there are ample opportunities for volunteers and donors to help out. But the part I’m most excited about? Anyone can contribute a design!

Ward+Robes aims to create a wide range of styles that suit each patient’s individual personality. At first, they teamed up with renowned fashion designers and artists, but now they’ve opened up the invite for anyone to submit an original design. Whether it’s minimal and simplistic or includes wild prints, lace, or patterns, each gown will help a teen feel more like themselves again.

In order to ensure that each gown can still function properly in the hospital, Ward+Robes has provided this pattern with detailed instructions. It’s noted however, that the design, pattern, fabrics, and overall feel of the gown is still up to you!

When you’re finished, just mail your gown to: Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada, 809-200 Consumers Road, Toronto, ON M2J 4R4, CANADA

Happy designing!