Raise your hand if you know someone who would flip over these candles. Raise your hand if you are the one flipping over these candles. It’s ok, me too! Seriously though how cute are these? And they make amazing gifts for anyone who loves coffee. Made with real coffee grounds and vanilla essential oil, these frappe candles smell absolutely heavenly – just like your favorite coffee shop! The key to getting the whipped cream topping look is to stir and wait for the white wax to harden after it melts. By “whipping” the wax, so to speak, we get the same effect as actual whipped cream. Then, just plop it on top of the already dry coffee wax layer, and let it dry. Get the full supply list and written directions below the video!


– Soy wax flakes

– Brown / tan crayon

– Coffee grounds

– Vanilla & peppermint oil (or extract)

– Small mason jar


1. Divide wax into two batches. Melt the first batch with tan crayons (or another color of your choice). Stir in a few coffee grounds and a few drops of vanilla and peppermint oil.

2. Prepare the mason jar by placing a wick in the middle, and wrap the long end around a pen to rest on top of the jar and hold the wick in place.

3. Pour melted wax into the mason jar, leaving about an inch and a half of room at the top. Wait for this to dry, 1-2 hours.

4. Melt the second batch of wax with vanilla oil.5. Take off of heat, and stir until slightly cooled and wax begins to form small chunks, like whipped cream. Scoop this onto the top of the cooled wax in the mason jar, forming a slight peak, and wrapping around the wick.

5. Once dry, trim the wick and enjoy!