DIY Blueberry Plants

A little patience will yield a bountiful harvest!

Here’s a great garden DIY that, with a little bit of perseverance, will yield a bountiful harvest. We all know that fruits come with their own seed “packages” and they may be used to regrow a new plant, think avocados, for example. Blueberries are no exception, so before you throw out that sour batch of wrinkled and moldy blueberries, give them new life by harvesting the seeds and using them to create your own blueberry plants.

While there are several steps in the process, they’re all quite easy to follow. All you need are some old blueberries, a blender, some water, a resealable plastic bag, paper towels, and as we mentioned before – patience. Blend the blueberries in a generous amount of water to release the seeds from the fruit. Thoroughly rinse and strain with water to help clean and separate the seeds from any pulp. Once the seeds have been thoroughly cleaned, they are ready for the next phase: to be placed on a damp paper towel, sealed in a plastic bag, and then stored in a warm dark place (like a pantry). Once the seeds have started to germinate, they’re ready for planting.

For more detailed information on how to achieve a homemade blueberry plant, check out this video by MIgardener. We love the scientific craftiness of this whole project!