Keep The Bats Around But Out Of Your Home By Building A Bat House

A great tutorial for making your own bat house sure to allure bats to the proper place during the day!

I can not say bats are necessarily my personal favorite but those little guys sure are useful and with that said, I do want to keep them around!

Did you know bats eat 2,000 to 5,000 insects every night? That is a lot of bugs!

Bats fly out about 15 minutes after sunset, so in order to give them a place to stay the rest of the time and ensure that space is not my attic, shutters or siding, I always make sure to have a bat house or two in my yard just for them.

In this video from OBC Bats, they talk all about the different styles of bat houses and then show how to easily make one for your yard! Sure, you could head to the store and buy one but when they are this easy, just make one yourself!