Jenny Starts With A Layer Cake And Gets A Fun Twist On This Classic Block!

Everything is made so much easier by using two layer cakes!

Isn’t this quilt just stunning? I love the black and white in this high contrast quilt! While I love working with unique prints and patterns and can spend hours hunting down just the right collection of jelly rolls or charm packs, there’s something so nice and simple about using black and white for a quilt every once in a while! The disappearing hourglass block is taken to a whole new level in this stunning quilt. Everything is made so much easier by using two layer cakes – one in white, and the other in black.

As per usual, Jenny shows us exactly how to put this quilt block together, along with other helpful tips and tricks of the trade along the way! Most importantly, make sure to sew a quarter inch seam allowance on all sides of the block. Then, cut diagonally both ways across the square. Press the seam allowance over to the dark side, and you’re ready for the next step!

Watch as Jenny teaches us how to put this block together in the video below, and get ready to start your next quilting project!