YouTuber Modified A Roomba To Shout Profanities When It Runs Into Something

Fans and viewers alike are retweeting like crazy, asking to buy the refurbed Roomba.

Cleaning your home is something that needs to be done on a regular basis and many people try to convince themselves that it is a stress-relieving activity. We may hear this frequently, but we know that it still isn’t a popular activity. After all, the Roomba and other robotic vacuums are becoming more popular than ever. They save time and energy by cleaning the floors for us, but they just got an upgrade thanks to a YouTuber named Michael Reeves.

Michael was concerned about the Roomba because he thought that it was just too calm when it crashes into things. Any of us who have ever stubbed our toe in the middle of the night recognize that it isn’t something that just passes without serious recognition. That is why he decided to add a little human touch to the robotic vacuum by causing it to swear when it bumped into anything.

After posting the video on YouTube, it went viral and has racked up millions of views. You can watch his lovable robotic vacuum travel around the floor, shouting out expletives every time it hits a wall or any other object. He lets people know about the hardware he installed to make it happen at the beginning of the video. He also let other YouTube stars lend their voices for the upgrade.

“Please stop hitting me. I feel nothing but pain. Why would you build me so that my sole existential purpose is to suffer? For the entertainment of others?” the Roomba asks before Reeves releases it into the wild.

As soon as social media got involved, cutdown versions began appearing and reaching millions more on twitter.

Congratulations on another successful build!