8 Clever Cubicle Makeovers To Make Work Suck Less

I read a study the other day that claimed the average adult will spend almost a quarter of their life at work. In my case that means saving up vacation time and building my 401k from inside a cubicle. Might as well make it pretty, right? Here are eight cute and simple ways to redo your office space, and make it more enjoyable! Who knows, you may even look forward to coming in on Monday morning. (Just kidding).


A lamp adds style and warm light to even the coldest and most drab of office spaces. Add a fun accent pillow for both comfort and a personal touch!

Pick A Color Scheme And Rock It

Once you pick out your colors, choose accessories to match. Sort of like planning a wedding. For your cubicle.

Super Sneaky Under Cubicle Cabinet Lighting

This awesome idea gives a nice cozy and classy vibe that I love!

Go Bold With An Accent Wall

If it works for interior design, why not for your cubical as well?

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall…

… Who’s going to get a huge raise and promotion after all?

Not Your Mother’s Filing Cabinet

What a cute and simple way to add a pop to your otherwise boring filing cabinet!

What’s Not To Love About This Cute Calendar?

Who says calendars have to be boring? Not I!


Remind yourself (and everyone else) what’s truly important. You do you!

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