The Ultimate Cubicle Makeover

With some simple and inexpensive makeovers and design tips, we turned this space into a home away from home!

Would you believe you can get this super cozy cubicle with just three simple DIYs and some well-placed plants? The difference is absolutely night and day! This was once a bland, boring, and barren workspace, but with some simple and inexpensive makeovers and design tips, we turned it into a home away from home!

Why shouldn’t your workspace be as warm and inviting as your own home? Or, at the very least, it can convey your personality to your office mates and make you feel a little more comfortable with the fact that most adults spend a quarter of their life at work. That’s right. Get comfy, you’re going to be here for a while.

The first thing we did was install a really easy French Memo Board right onto one wall of the cubicle. Not only does this create a space for you to stick important notes and numbers, but it is a great way to add a splash of color to your workspace with different colored ribbon. Then, we added a DIY dry erase To Do list and calendar made from picture frames and scrapbook paper. The final DIY used fabric strips and clothespins as a fun and creative way to hang some photos around the office.

The finishing touches included some plants, a lamp, a nice coffee mug, and a blanket and throw pillow on the chair. See how it all comes together in the video below!