Need to Buy a New Phone Cover? Just Upcycle Your Old One!

Upcycle Your Old Phone Case With These Crafty Designs

Are you tired of your same-old phone case? Sure, it protects your smarphone, but you want it to look great while you talk, text and take selfies. Upcycle an old case rather than buying a new one with these great ideas.


All you need is glitter paint, a foam brush, a stencil pattern, three different colors of glitter and some clear acrylic spray paint to make this shiny glitter case.

Paper Cut-Outs

Paper cut-outs provide a way to add small pieces of paper to a larger template in similar fashion to a scrap book page.

Nail Polish

Let nail polish dry and then cover with clear acrylic paint to make it permanent.

Washi Tape

Use two or more patterns of washi tape, and gently cut through them with a crafting knife to make stripes on your phone cover.