Have you moved beyond the beginning stages of quilting? Are you ready for a new challenge that takes your hobby to a higher level? Leave your quilting comfort zone for a bit and expand your horizons with these eight awesome ways to create beautiful quilts.

1. Tesellations

Tessellations are shapes that fit together infinitely without any gaps. Attempt one of these nifty designs with hexagons, squares and triangles.

2. Triangles

You can start out the center of a quilt with squares, and then cut several squares into triangles for pieces that get close to the edge. This type of quilt makes efficient use of spacing.

3. Themes

Pick a name for a block, and then go with that theme for the entire block you create. For example, everything in a particular block can relate to flowers, water, animals or a particular color.

4. Coloring With Fabric Crayons

Color your quilt with fabric crayons. Get your young children involved in quilting, and turn your masterpiece into a family heirloom.