Whether You’re a Rightie or a Leftie, You Can Crochet!

An easy step-by-step approach to ensure beautiful results!

Have you ever wanted to crochet a beautiful blanket, but decided not to try it because none of the patterns were written for left-handed people? According to Lion Brand, this is quite common, but with just a few tips and tricks you can crochet to your heart’s content.

There are many places for beginners to learn the basics of crocheting, such as Annie’s Catalogue. These allow you to teach yourself and provide easy-to-use diagrams. By acquiring a few simple tricks first, left-handed people can also begin crocheting using this self-learning technique. In fact, anyone should be able to crochet, no matter how old, or whether they are left-handed or right-handed. Watch to see an easy step-by-step approach to ensure beautiful results.

Now that you have a few new tricks in your pocket, check out this left-handed tutorial for a simple 5 petal flower.